Building brand identities and social media strategies gets me giddy!

I am a graphic designer who loves helping to build amazing brands for passionate and creative entrepreneurial women. By coupling my love for branding and knowledge of Internet Marketing, I bring focus to social media in order to boost these talented women, like you, into the social stratosphere!

It has become my passion to work with women who are striving to better themselves and their community through their own passions; be it a cafe, boutique, hair salon, or local organization. My design and marketing tactics help passionate women build a stronger online identity and thus reach more of their target audience.

During my experience as a member of my local Women’s club, I have come to realize that these wonderful women need to be known, too. It is my mission to encourage and educate fellow club members about social media so they can show off their hard work to their community.

In fact, this past summer during GWFC Pennsylvania Summer Leadership Conference, I had the privilege of presenting a workshop with fellow club member, Donna Malone, on “How to Market Your Club Responsibly on Social Media“. It was an experience that confirmed my gut feeling to venture down this road.

Knowing I can help make a difference in the community in this manner makes me feel like I am part of something bigger than myself. Who doesn’t like that feeling?!

Fun Facts

  • Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design
  • Master Degree in Internet Marketing
  • Mother to 3 beautiful children
  • I LOVE food, everyone does right? Well, I can probably eat more food than the men around me
  • I am a self proclaimed comedian – I make myself laugh like no other
  • No cable for 7 years – Netflix and Hulu all the way!
  • Getting over my fear of Rollercoasters –>

What I can do for you

  • Create beautiful branding materials for print and web – logos, business cards, web graphics & more
  • Design a responsive website using WordPress
  • Help create & manage social media profiles
  • Strategize with you about social media engagement
  • Increase your knowledge about social media platforms
  • Get you excited about your brand!

Who I work with

  • Creative entrepreneurs looking to take the next step in getting their business noticed online.
  • Small business owners in need of a brand makeover to create a consistent identity.
  • Bloggers looking to create a consistent brand for their passion.
  • Passionate women who want to share with the larger community what it is that they do.

If you had to pick a first round draft on your marketing, design or strategy team, Alyssa would be it! Her talent may only be overshadowed by her drive to be the best of the best, and take you to the top with her! Alyssa is a talented, remarkable, self-disciplined and driven professional that would exceed your goals and expectations.Rebecca Carter, Owner Boost Channel, LLC
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